Visitor Information and Historical Introduction:

Visitor Information and Historical Introduction:

The first residents of the area now under Chaska municipality were the Mound People. They were an indigenous American peoples well known in archaeological and anthropological circles for their building style, based on a mound-like construction.

When the Mound People disappeared or dissolved (historians are still unsure of the cause of their end), the Dakota tribes used much of the area as hunting and fishing ground, as well as a place to set up temporary residence. The area seems to have attracted historical peoples for several key reasons: the convergence of the rivers, the fertile soil, and the relatively level terrain.

By 1769, fur traders from what was then French Canada had explored along the rivers, thus “discovering” what we now now as Chaska. It was originally named Little Rapids, and founded as a city and trading post.

Little Rapids soon became a bustling hub, and many of the original street ways are preserved in the present-day city planning scheme. The city (then a large town) received substantial economic boosts from its role as a brick manufacturing centre, and developed into the thriving metropolis we know today!

Chaska today is recognized as one of the best places to live in America. In the past 10 years, it has consistently ranked in the Top 20 cities in America, scoring as high as Second Place for factors including employment opportunity, environmental cleanliness, and overall quality of life. Whether you’re visiting for the first time, or a lifelong resident, we’re happy to have you!

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